A Bird in the Hand

The birds from our crab apple tree have turned into two little images which work quite well when repeated.  They could eventually be a wrapping paper design I think.

And this little one decided he was most at home in a book.  I don’t blame him.

Cold winds blow

It has been far too cold to make use of the studio this week so I am hiding out in the warmth of the kitchen but it means I have finally captured some of those bird visitors on camera.

Here are the first few sketches, hopefully on their way to becoming a new series of lino prints. 

Cheerful Teal

Fallen in love with the colour I mixed up today so I gave it a name!

I didn’t want to waste the left over ink so had a little fun here.  If I sell it it will have to be as a giclee or greeting card as the paper isn’t archival but I love the colour combination so might well add it to my stock.

Back to work (hi ho, hi ho)

I’m seeing what I can do with some hogweed drawings which have been knocking around the studio since autumn.  I have carved them up as a series of lino blocks and now I need to work out the colour schemes and composition.  This is the fun part!

Now I know it’s cheating to use the kids paintings in my own work… but the colours are just so good!  Bad mummy.